7 Products For A Lead-Free Lunch

February 26th, 2009 by Amy

Economical … Ecological … and Lead-Free.


Looks like the new power lunch is the one that comes from home!


The silver lead-free lining?


See how much money you’ll save by packing a lunch.



1.  Fish Food

These lunch bags cost a little more than most, but when you consider how much you’ll use them – oh, maybe a billion times – they are a terrific investment in both function and fun.


2.  Laptop Lunch

A bento-style lunchbox you don’t need a PhD in Engineering to assemble! An array of wonderful, colorful, and thoughtful lead-free lunch gear makes this product more of a lunch system than a simple lunch box. Their website even includes menu ideas!


3.  Lunchbots

I haven’t tried this new product yet, but my first reaction is “Thank You!” Seriously, how many times have I hoped for something like this?  Affordable, durable, and toxin-free … The fact that it’s stylish is gravy!


4.  Magic Box

This sleek, lead-free lunchbox by Aladdin comes complete with its own custom ice pack. Well-designed and well-made, this lunchbox rocks both the cafeteria and the office.



5.  Snack Taxi

A wonderful alternative to plastic sandwich/snack bags, these cute little pouches transport snacks for everyone from toddlers to teenagers … and beyond. Easy to clean, use, and label and unique enough that your goodies shouldn’t get “accidentally” eaten by anyone else. Handmade in Massachusetts by a small company with a big heart.  


6.  Stackable Stainless Steel

In a word … Brilliant! Wondering about those little containers in the picture? Those are for sauces! Again … Brilliant! Lightweight and lead-free, this amazing product is from To-Go Ware, an innovative company in India that puts its money where its mouth is. Read all about their story here.


7.  Zippy Zoo

Though my 5 year old son reported that he was told his Lefty Munchler was too “pre-school,” his quirky 9 year old sister happily brings her Benny Munchler to school everyday. The ingenious design unzips flat, making for much easier cleaning. Though priced practically the same as the ubiquitous lunchboxes at the Big Stores, this one is lead-free, with whimsy to spare.

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