7 Things to Do with a Carton of Plain Yogurt

February 27th, 2009 by Jane

I buy 2 large cartons of plain yogurt every week and make flavored yogurt for my children. This is an  easy and economical way to make them all happy, for a while, that is. I buy plain organic yogurt for the added health benefits.  Try some of these ideas or go get The Book of Yogurt for more yogurt yumminess! 

1. Tricked Out Yogurt
I add a little sugar to a  large carton of yogurt, pour in a little vanilla extract and mush up some fresh or frozen fruit to customize flavors for my kids. These days, when kids are getting sugar in almost everything they eat, I like knowing I can control their sugar intake by making our own flavored yogurt. You can also try adding maple syrup for the sweetener. We like it with frozen raspberries or granola mixed in!

2. Say Cheese!
I’m not kidding: this recipe is easy! Make some yogurt cheese and use it as a substitute for cream cheese. You can spread it on a bagel, stuff it into celery sticks and even cook with it. Just don’t put it in the food processor-it will break up!

3. Dips
When I am making anything that calls for mayonnaise, I use half plain yogurt and half mayonnaise. Try this easy dip for a healthier snack. Or for something zingier, try a cilantro dip!

4. Main Dish
Try soaking chicken overnight in yogurt for extra moist kebabs!

5. Elegant Sides
I am trying this sumptuous-looking Bulgarian take on gratin of potatoes.

6. Dessert
The addition of yogurt to any baked good, will keep it moist and flavorful without adding a lot of fat. Try this elegant version of banana cake for a dessert you could serve at your fanciest soiree.

7. Go Spa Yourself
Get yourself a carton of yogurt and mix up a facial,  a batch of muffins from the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, or Yogurt Spa-ghetti by Amy Sedaris. Soak your feet and luxuriate in your loveliness! 

2 Responses to “7 Things to Do with a Carton of Plain Yogurt”

  1. erin Says:

    The Bulgarian gratin potatoes look great!!

  2. Alison Says:

    Thanks for the yogurt ideas. I just bought a yogurt maker and can’t believe how easy and cheap it is to make your own.

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