7 Companies That Sell Safe Body Care Products

March 17th, 2009 by Amy

I love taking hot, hot bubble baths.


That is I used to, until I read this.


Somehow marinating myself in a steamy carcinogenetic cocktail seems less relaxing than it did when I was ignorant.


The good news is that while the Environmental Working Group’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has exposed the offenders, it has also drawn welcome attention to smaller, value-driven companies who have been doing good all along. Many have signed a Compact for Safe Cosmetics, pledging to make safer products and provide higher levels of transparency to consumers.


Here is a sampling of just some of the many companies who swept the “Best Of” lists with their impressively pure products. Before I fill the tub again, I plan on shopping around.



1.  Earth Mama, Angel Baby

Earth Mama, Angel Baby cares for its customers during the most natural process on the planet – pregnancy and birth. Their lotions, soaps, and salves seem both practical and luxurious.

2.  Garden of Eve

Garden of Eve’s sampler kits are a great introduction to the company’s products … not to mention a wonderful gift idea.

3.  Healing Scents

Healing Scents is dedicated to pure, natural ingredients without ever cutting any corners – a true labor of love.

4.  Nurture My Body
Started as a personal quest for all natural products, Nurture My Body has grown into a lovely online store that has its customer’s best interests at heart.

5.  Poof’s Closet
Poof’s Closet’s wonderfully unscented baby products don’t mask the naturally cute smell all babies are born with. Fun lip balm flavors, too.

6.  Tom’s of Maine
Tom’s of Maine opts for full disclosure, freely discussing what they put – and don’t put – in their products on their website. Tom’s is widely available at grocery stores and pharmacies.


7.  A Wild Soap Bar

These colorful natural soaps are handmade near Austin, TX and incorporate super-fragrant organically grown botanicals. Wild, indeed!

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