7 Recipes Using Blueberries

March 19th, 2009 by Amy

I know blueberries are completely out of season – a distant summer memory and too far to be seen on the harvest horizon – but I’m craving them right now.


I’ve got a cup of buttermilk and a pound of organic frozen blueberries from Costco and I’m lookin’ to bake something sweet. Bring it on!


1.  Batter-splattered

Molly lives in Alaska, but Molly’s Blueberry Buttermilk Tart has me seriously considering heading north just for a taste! Batter-splattered is chock full of lovely photos, simple instructions, and honest tips … just the way you expect the best-loved cookbooks to be! (Photo Credit: Molly at Batter-splattered)


2.  Culinary Adventures Of A New Wife

Sharon, the New Wife, walks us through the making of two different batches of blueberry muffins – one of which she cools in her open dishwasher! Down-to-earth advice delivered in a cheerful tone makes Culinary Adventures an utterly unpretentious read and resource.


3.  Mike’s Table

Mike is an unassuming software developer who loves his Kitchen Aid mixer. With heartwarming earnestness, Mike walks readers through his blueberry muffin recipe, gently warning about common pitfalls (“you should resist the temptation to just melt the butter”) and offering encouragement (“but don’t worry–it’s normal”) as he goes. Great muffins, great guy!


4.  Orangette

I’ll get to Molly Wizenberg’s love of pancakes shortly, but first I’d like to love on Molly for just a minute. While I’ve never met her, Molly’s superb blog leaves me amazed that I haven’t and definitely feeling as though I should! Reading Orangette has always been a treat and I’m fully expecting that her brand new book, Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, will be as well.


Now for the blueberries. Basically, Molly loves Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes, but when making them individually got to be a bit much, she took the “pan” out of “pancakes” and ended up with the just-as-delicious Blueberry Buckwheat Cake. Yum!


5.  La Petite Gourmande

Still aren’t quite sold on mixing up a batch of blueberry muffins? This photo at La Petite Gourmande will have you running for a mixing bowl. What’s really, really great about this blog is the amount of research/knowledge LPG includes with each entry. Without so much as a hint of condescension, LPG has a way of patiently explaining, guiding, and educating … sort of like a younger, smaller, Julia Child.


6.  The Pioneer Woman
What I’ve always loved about Pioneer Woman is that she invites you IN! Ree never greets visitors with caution and reserve. Instead, she flings the door wide open, says she’s glad you came, pulls up an extra chair to the virtual table, and lets you know that a dozen dirty, hungry men are on their way for lunch. Day or night, on her website, it’s always high noon, the grill’s always on, the men are always hot, and PW’s always got things completely under control.

Oh, and she’s got a great blueberry muffin recipe … complete with her signature humor, stunning photographs, and generous amounts of butter!


7.  Tartelette

Helen seems lovely. Her blog is utterly charming. Her photographs are absolutely exquisite. And, then there is the food itself! Superlative. If Helen would have me, I’d probably move in with her just so I wouldn’t have to miss a dish!


Once an executive pastry chef, the blueberry muffin recipe she uses on her blog however is part of her favorable review of the Sweet Melissa Baking Book. Helen’s much anticipated book will be out in the Fall of 2009 and promises to be just a wonderful as her blog … maybe even just a bit better since you’ll just be able to read it in the bed, the bath, or stretched on the living room couch!

2 Responses to “7 Recipes Using Blueberries”

  1. ELK Says:

    blueberries …such a super food! i have a eggless blueberry muffin made with graham crackers…not pretty but yum! I use frozen this time of year…love your blog!

  2. Brenda Kula Says:

    I have blueberries on my Kashi cereal, along with a couple of sliced strawberries, every morning on my cereal. When I can find them, I will pay more than I will pay for any other fruit! They are my mainstay. It is my favorite meal. I would eat it morning, noon and night! I will go check these other blogs.

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