7 IKEA Hacks

March 25th, 2009 by Amy

The folks below don’t see IKEA items as finished products, but raw materials to be reused, repurposed, recycled and reconfigured. Welcome to the world of hacking IKEA.


Got some of your own? Send ‘em to IKEA Hacker dot com.



1.  KNUFF / Catchall Shelf

The clever folks at Design Sponge turned this magazine holder on its side … and thought “shelf.” Perfect!



2.  SÖT BARNSLIG / UBS Drive Cozy

Always losing your UBS drive in the depths of your laptop bag? Tuck it in a plush IKEA crocodile and you’ll have no problem keeping track of it.



3.  BENJAMIN / Laptop Stand

The curved wood of the Benjamin makes a modern laptop stand for your lap or table top.



4.  RUSCH / Personalized Clock

Lady Lulu walks you through transforming the super inexpensive and always available RUSCH clock into something super special. Clever, clever, clever.



5.  ASKER / Plant Hanger

While originally for use in the kitchen, these curvaceous pots look right at home hanging on the chain link fence outside.




6.  LACK / Credenza

Apartment Therapy has two different hack o’LACKs. Both Matt and Tyler took simple boxy bumped up to cool and functional. Cool.



7.  Random IKEA Stuff / Kitchen

I am currently renovating my kitchen. By “renovating” I mean I’ve knocked down sheetrock, taken out an island, destroyed most of the countertops, and rendered the room generally dysfunctional. Needless to say, I found this hack is particularly inspiring.

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  1. Sister Sue Says:

    Great post Amy! Who knew aobut this daring subculture. Only the women at 7of! I love Ikea, but am so glad the nearest one to us takes lan hour to get there. It is a dangerous place I tell you.

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