7 Roses For Spring

April 7th, 2009 by Jane

We have about eleven or twelve rose bushes in our yard and they are all in full bloom now. The above bouquet is from my garden. About half of the plants have come from a wonderful place in Central Texas called
The Antique Rose Emporium. This is indeed a rose emporium, run by people who are dedicated to preserving old roses. The great news is that they do most of their business by mail order and you can find roses based on the hardiness zone of your area. Their website makes it easy for you to search for a rose by color, bloom, fragrance, class, size or growth habit. Be sure to read about them and take the virtual tour of their display gardens. You won’t be sorry-especially if it is still snowing where you live. 

1. Apricot

Jacotte  is a lovely, large flowering climber from 1920 that has a marvelous fragrance.

2. Green

Yes, green.  The Green Rose dates back to before 1845 and has a spicy fragrance. 

3. Orange, Pink

Clytemnestra is a hybrid musk that was introduced in 1915. The fragrant, copper and salmon buds of this rose will repeat.

4. Pink

The beautiful Bubble Bath can be either a climber or a shrub. Put a few fragrant petals in your bath and let it live up to its name!

5. Red

The Chrysler Imperial is velvet red and has a citrus scent.  It was involved in a marketing promotion for the car of the same name.

6. White

Katharina Zeimet has double blooms that repeat and is well-suited to a container.

7. Yellow

Amazone is a buttery yellow tea rose with fragrance that was introduced in 1872. 

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