7 Ways To Say Thanks

April 10th, 2009 by Amy

Photo credit  perchpapiers

“Saying thank you is more than good manners.
It is good spirituality.”
Alfred Painter

1.  Apoplectic
For the times when you just want to thank a friend for being unabashedly themselves … go ApoplecticThese surreal cards feature wordy lists of thanks for things like “not seeking employment as a ruthless CEO of a criminally psychopathic multinational company” and “having an interminable nagging sensation that Bill Gates may have more than his fair share.”  

2.  Gesture
Thanking can be complicated, but The Gratitude Campaign encourages folks to do it from the heart. As the movie says, it’s not about politics, it’s about acknowledgement of service.

3.  Lasting
A simple token of thanks becomes something special when given in a Gratitude Bag from Paloma’s Nest (at right). Package of seeds? A special rock? A ring? The bag is sturdy, yet delicate, and the beauty of it is you can re-gift it without an ounce of guilt … just gratitude.

4.  Namaste
Rhode Island artist and designer Maeve Donohue created this sweet print of a kokeshi – a Japanese folk art doll traditionally given as a token of appreciation – and captured the spirit of thanks (below).

5.  Signage
Reach everyone at once with this big show of thanks … so cute it’s sure to become a keepsake. The cheerful photo above is from perchpapiers.

6.  Simple Is Best
Based in the Netherlands, this understated and inspiring Thank You site is filled with well-chosen words of appreciation. For 3 euros, they’ll send yours.

7.  Write Right
Grasping for words? This article will help you construct a heartfelt Thank You note that hits all the highlights.

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