7 Ideas for Leftover Paint

April 15th, 2009 by Jane

I have a plethora of leftover paint in my garage and of course this inspired a 7Of post! So, I have been researching paint crafts and I came across a great site for paint ideas hosted by the folks at Rustoleum. Did you know that the rust-preventive paint was inspired by fish oil? Try some of these projects and you will be helping the environment while cleaning out your garage!

1. Bottles
Event producer David Stark painted bottles from his recycling bin and crowned them with paper doilies to make these adorable and inexpensive vases.  View the whole tablescape in the May issue of Country Living magazine.

2. In the Garden
Refresh that small wrought iron table on your porch, paint your mailbox or spray paint some window boxes.  Look around, I’ll bet you will find something that needs a burst of color!.

3. Place mats

Use leftover chalkboard paint to transform tired plastic place mats into a blank canvas for your kids or guests. 

4. Stair Risers
From the creative minds at Real Simple magazine comes this idea to paint the risers of stairs in your home. I think this would be fabulous with several colors, or each one a different shade of the same color. Just keep adding white paint to lighten the color you choose. 

5. Tchotchkes
In the last year or so, I have seen several design articles on how to paint home decor accessories to make a bigger visual impact. One of my favorite ideas was painting old trophies the same shocking color like electric blue or lime green. Or painting cheap ceramic cat figurines all black or all white. How about painting dime store candlesticks varying shades of your favorite color? Line lots of these on a shelf or table for the strongest impact. 

6. Paint Chips
I have a lot of chips from when we remodeled my house and I have been using them to make greeting cards. Or they could be wall art. Or bookmarks or gift tags. Think of them as colored paper instead of detritus and you will find tons of uses for them.

7. Recycle the Paint!
The fine website, Earth 911, has tips on how to buy the correct amount of paint for the job, how to extend the life of leftover paint and where to recycle paint when you are done with it.

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