7 Quesadilla Fillings

April 22nd, 2009 by Amy

It’s lunchtime and I’m starving. Instead of making a meal, I’m sitting here writing about the one I wish would magically appear on my desk.


I’ll have to check the refrigerator, but if I have these seven ingredients I’m going to sauté them together (adding the mango afterwards) and stuff them in a hot, gooey, cheesy flour tortilla quesadilla and smother the whole thing with salsa. Yum!


1.  Corn

2.  Mango

3.  Onion

4.  Avocado

5.  Mushrooms

6.  Black Beans

7.  Poblano Peppers

2 Responses to “7 Quesadilla Fillings”

  1. Jane Says:

    Oooooh!! Make two, one without the avocado! Yum!

  2. elk Says:

    bingo …make mine with the pepper…my tummy is a wimp

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