7 Retro Words to Bring Back

April 23rd, 2009 by Jane

I am not sure why some words fall out of favor, but here are a few that I want to see come back! Send us some of yours!

1. Apoplectic
This word means “greatly excited.” As in “She was absolutely apoplectic about winning the lottery.”

2. Cloche
Did you know that this word is the name for the dome-shaped covering for a plate of food?  Or a very stylish hat? 

3. Foxy
No, I do not like this term as a reference to a person, but using this word to refer to a fabulous inanimate object is just fun. My friend Kelly said my leopard print shoes were “foxy.” And they are. 

4. Ghastly
Shockingly repellant.” You need to add this to your personal lexicon, I just know it. 

5. Kicky
As far as I know, David Sedaris and I are the only people to have used this term for “excitingly fashionable” in the last 50 years or so. Maybe he’ll start a movement with me.

6. Porte-cochere
This word is a very fancy term for carport, but I bet your car will look better under a porte-cochere!

7. Veranda 
This word is so much more elegant-sounding than porch. Use it when you want to feel a little uppity. It is also a very nice magazine.

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  1. doc Says:

    How about “cheeky?” i.e.–Saucy

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