7 April Observances

April 29th, 2009 by Jane

April Fool’s Day, Passover, Easter and Earth Day have come and gone but there are two more days left in the month to celebrate or observe something important, or even whimsical. Take your pick from these:

1. Join a Cause
April is national Autism Awareness Month and I am betting you know someone that this condition has affected. For more information on autism and to learn how you can help, visit the  Autism Society of America.  

2. In the Garden
Spring is in the air and you can celebrate by working in your garden or the local community garden because it is National Garden Month! This great site has projects, information and links galore to get you started. 

3. The Music in Us
Never heard of Clark Terry, Marian McPartland, James Moody or Chico Hamilton? Then peruse the Jazz Appreciation Month site, hosted by the Smithsonian and listen to these fascinating oral histories brought to us by the NEA. 

4. Save a Life
April is a good time to remind those you love that you want to become an organ donor. Make sure your wishes are understood and choose someone to ensure they are carried out. For more information, visit the government’s organ donor site. Your organs and tissues could potentially save or improve the lives of dozens of people.  

5. Lower Your Stress
Economy got you stressed? Well, take advantage of some available resources during Stress Awareness Month, like this free e-course on living a low-stress lifestyle.

6. Daisies
Yes, the flower for April is the lovely, unassuming daisy. Daisy Paradise is the site of all things daisy! Visit it and brighten your month!

7. Diamonds
The stone for the month of April is the diamond. Want to be assured you are buying a conflict-free stone? Then visit this interesting site for more information. To be green and guilt-free, purchase an antique piece of jewelry.

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