7 Ways I am Saving Money this Month

May 11th, 2009 by Jane

Everyone I know is feeling some sort of a money crunch lately, myself included. I am researching simple ways to save a few dollars and I thought I would share them with all of you. Please send us any of your great money-saving ideas!

1. Beverages
I love a nice soy chai latte from the coffee shop, but at $5.00 a cup I have started cutting back on my frequency.  I have been making them at home with Celestial Seasonings chai tea and regular soy milk. Delish! And I have been brewing iced green tea with mint for my husband. These little tips save us about $6.50 every time we drink a cup!

2. Cable
We are cutting out our cable for the summer and renting shows on Netflix. I plan on catching up on The Tudors. Total monthly savings: $100.00.

3. Crock Pot
A few friends and I are planning to host a few crock pot parties.  Each family brings a crock pot dish and we all feast! For the cost of about $7.00 per family, we have a fun night that is much cheaper than meeting at a restaurant.

4. Kids’ Parties
My twins just had their 5th birthday and we hosted the party in our backyard. I glued craft sticks together to make dragonflies and other insects, which the guests painted and took home. I saved a bundle by having the party at home and I feel great about not buying cheap plastic toys for party favors. I also made the cupcakes. Tip: a Duncan Hines chocolate cake mix with homemade cream cheese frosting is better and cheaper than any store bought cake you can find.

5. Rain Barrels
We are ordering rain barrels to cut down on our water bill.  Or build your own and save even more money. Now we just need it to rain!

6. Sitting Co-Op
Some friends and I have agreed to help each other out with babysitting for the summer.  There are about 5 of us whose children get along really well and we are planning to alternate days for sitting. This will save me hundreds over the course of the summer and my kids will have a great time with their friends. 

7. Websites
I have found some great ideas on some websites like the Federal Citizen Information Center website and  the online magazine Shoestring

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  1. Meghan Udell -- Shoestring Magazine Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out!
    Another piece of advice for #2 check out hulu.com

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