7 Things to Do When You Have a Sick Kiddo at Home

May 13th, 2009 by Jane

One of the twins has been home for a few days with a little cold. My week has gotten completely derailed and while it is tempting to count all of things I am NOT getting done, I am trying to make the most of it. Here are some things we are doing:

1. Cartoon-watching
We have been catching up on some shows we do not watch while she is at school. Did you know there is now an “Olivia” cartoon?

2. Cuddling
Sometimes, I do not have enough lap for 3 girls. But when I get to spend the day with just one child, we can cuddle to our heart’s content without hurting someone else’s feelings. 

3. Make Something Yummy
Yesterday we made chocolate-covered strawberries. Very good for a cold: vitamin C and anti-oxidants, you  know.  

4. Napping
Dozing off with a tiny warm body in your lap, completely guilt-free. The decadence! 

5. Piddling
Being house-bound for a few days opens your eyes to a few things that need to be done that you never seem to get around to addressing. Like cleaning out your magazine basket or junk drawer or the top of the washing machine.

6. Projects
We painted the fairy house she got for her birthday and decorated her new Crocs.

7. Reading
We have read some children’s books together and I have even been able to read some of the books from my bedside pile. Aaahhhhhh.

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  1. Sister Sue Says:

    Kudos to getting the littles things done. Hope Princess Maeve is feeling better.

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