7 Things on My To Do List

May 19th, 2009 by Jane

I have lovely, talented friend who has put her career on hold until her kids are a little older. She is very grateful to be able to have the freedom to make this choice, but sometimes finds it difficult to find a sense of accomplishment. To make herself feel better, she will occasionally write down everything she does during the course of her day. No job is too small to make the list: sorting socks, grocery shopping, cleaning the fridge, letting the dog out 25 times, etc. She says it gives her a sense of validation. So here are a few things that I am doing today and later this week. Try making your own list-I’ll bet you do more than you think. Need some cute notepads, like the ones above, ¬†upon which to write your list? Visit one of my favorite sites: See Jane Work!

1. Music
This week, I need to download the 50 free songs I got before my two week trial is up on a music site and they start charging me for the subscription. That’s how they get you, you know.

2. Bake a Cake
Today is my mother’s birthday and I am going to make her a cake a little later today. Happy Birthday, Mom. Thanks for keeping it real!

3. Clean out the Fridge
Something smells. I need to do this before the garbage truck comes. Here are some pointers on how to do a thorough job, if you want to be anal about it. I didn’t even know refrigerators had drip pans until I read this article. My standards aren’t that high-I just require my appliances to not hit me in the face with stench when I open the door.

4. Third Grade Fun
This week, my third grader will be in a mock trial at the county courthouse AND field day. She wants me to attend both of these events. When you work from home, everyone thinks you are always available. 

5. Non-Profit Work
I am attending a workshop for non-profit managers this week. The goal of the workshop is to help organizations find funding. I plan to put the FUN in fundraising! Whoo-hoo!

6. De-Goo
I need to get various types of gunk off of the floors. I think I need a scraper.

7. Figure Out My New Phone
I got an iPhone this weekend and I need to get to know it. I needed a phone, but I do not have time to start a new relationship. Maybe next week. Or maybe there is an App to help me with that?

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  1. Sister Sue Says:

    Sista Jane, where to start about this post? :o ) First off, I think I would need haz mat if I were to clean out my drip pan. Secondly, when did you get a third grader….she will always be LeeLee to me. Third, an iPhone? Seriously? I can now text you! There is a Goddess of Technology, patron saint of those behind the times. And lastly, where did you get your free downloads? Do share. Or is that a secret like your Corn Chowder recipe? Kiss Kiss…

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