7 Reasons I Love Beyonce

May 21st, 2009 by Jane

I must admit that I was late to the Beyonce Knowles fan club, but the more I get to know her music and acting talents, the more I love her. Perk up your day by visiting some of the links I have provided. (Apologies to Ms. Knowles because I cannot figure out how to put the accent over the “e” in her name!)

1. The Eyes of Texas
Beyonce and I are both from Texas, so it is so nice to have someone from here that shows the world that there are Texans who are talented, smart and gracious.

2.  Proud Mary
I first “got” Beyonce when I watched her tribute to Tina Turner during the Kennedy Center honors in 2005. Others have tried to due this song justice, but no one has ever come as close as Beyonce in  this performance

3. Curvaceous
Beyonce has been candid about her body image and how she keeps in shape, thus giving hope to the rest of us. Her dream of winning an Oscar keeps her motivated and I just think that is adorable. 

4. Shoe Envy
The days of wearing high heels were definitely over after I had the twins. My feet were never the same. However, I have deep admiration, and more than a little concern, for a woman who can dance in 5 inch heels all day. 

5. Dance, Dance, Dance
She can dance. Better than Justin Timberlake. And probably Paul Rudd, as well. 

6. Real Emotion
Beyonce sang “At Last” for the first dance at the Inauguration earlier this year and she was visibly moved onstage. She teared up several times when being interviewed during the evening and said she was so happy and proud to have been asked to be part of the event. Lovely.

7. If You Like It…

Okay, if you are still not a fan, then watch this video. I cannot get this song out of my head. I defy you to not get up and shake it. Or at least copy those hand moves. Hah! I saw you! 

5 Responses to “7 Reasons I Love Beyonce”

  1. Danielle Says:

    I love you Jane Estes!

  2. Sister Sue Says:

    Number seven, crack me up. I can see you and those girlies of yours jivin’ in the car or having a dance off to this in the middle of the living room.

    Gotta love SNL & Justin. It is a beautiful relationship.

  3. elk Says:

    yes she is wonderful in those 7 ways and more!

  4. Woody Bombay Says:

    “Others have tried to due this song justice, but no one has ever come as close as Beyonce in this performance.”

    Of course, you mean *other than* Tina Turner, right?

  5. Jane Says:

    Of course, I meant other than Tina!! No one can touch her!

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