7 Summer Treats!

August 17th, 2009 by Jane

As you can tell by the infrequency of our posts this summer, we have been doing other things! We have had an unusually hot summer here in Central Texas.  Hopefully yours has been more temperate!

In reviewing the last twelve weeks, I was struck by the range of things that have happened this summer. My favorite uncle passed away, my dad turned 70, my children outgrew all of their shoes, all of our grass has died and we got a new dog. Pretty eventful. Here are some things we have been enjoying this summer!

1. Books
I have read several books and my only requirement was that they be enjoyable. Try Molly Wizenberg’s lovely book and recipes in A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table.  Or for fun mysteries, try Reed Farrel Coleman’s Mo Prager series. You will read all five back to back.

2. Cherries
The cherries have been cheap and delicious this season-just the way I like them!

3. Homegrown Tomatoes

Every spring, my father plants 56 heirloom tomato plants and we are the recipients of his generosity.  Ever had a sandwich with homegrown tomatoes, mayo, arugula and provolone on 9-grain bread?  The perfect lunch! Try Brandywine, Green Zebra and Cherokee Purple next summer-so good they will bring a tear to your eye.

4. Movies
This will be known as the summer my girls discovered Jane Austen. Even the 5 year-old twins love the movies. We rented the BBC versions and we would watch an hour every night. After dinner the girls would ask to watch “Mistah Dahcy.” Little British accents-aahhh!

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, as well as Julie & Julia this summer. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci were adorable. This movie made me want to know more about the love affair of Julia and Paul Child. Of course, Streep is without equal, but I have had a little crush on Mr. Tucci since I watched The Daytrippers years ago. After watching that movie based on my recommendation, my sister called and yelled into my ear “Why didn’t you tell me this movie was about our family!” Still funny.

5. Raspberry Lemonade

We have made our own limeade several times this summer, but we are completely hooked on this Simply Raspberry Lemonade.  Widely available at supermarkets, it is very close to homemade. Put lots of crushed ice in a lovely glass and fill to the brim. So refreshing.

6. Splash Pool
Our local Rec Center has added a fabulous splash pool. We have been going in the evening with sandwiches and hanging out until it closes. Everyone comes home cool, happy and exhausted!

7. Sunscreen
My children are very fair, so 70 SPF sunscreen is imperative. They don’t like it when I put it on them. I didn’t like putting it on wiggly children. Until I realized it was my chance to notice how the shapes of their faces are changing or how many new freckles have popped up. Pretty soon they will be able to slather themselves, but until then, I will continue to enjoy smoothing my fingers over their beautiful faces.

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  1. Sister Sue Says:

    Hugs, I have missed you Sevenof. It is like arriving at the first day of school and seeing all your old friends.

  2. erin Says:

    And what beautiful little faces they are!!!!! I have missed you . Give the girlies a hug. Love and kisses.

  3. Seven Of » Blog Archive » 7 Summer Highlights Says:

    [...] Speaking of Movies… You may recall that last summer became known as the Summer of Jane Austen because my girls and I watched every film or TV version of her books that we could borrow or rent. [...]

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