7 Appropriate Tween Movies

September 21st, 2009 by Jane

Are you having trouble finding appropriate shows for your tween girls? Trying to find movies to watch that send a message of independence, intelligence and compassion for my girls is extremely challenging. I have slowly removed almost all of the Disney Channel series from their watchable list due to any of the following reasons:

a) girls in inappropriate attire

b) boys talking about girls in a derogatory or sexual way

c) characters being mean to each other without learning a lesson of compassion

I am not a prude and I think that we do not give children enough credit for being able to figure out how the world works. I am just trying to keep their childhoods progressing at a moderate pace. I recently told a friend in the film industry that if he wanted to rake in the dough, develop a show for tween girls that is shiny, fun, and smart that parents will like. He said that was a huge project and why didn’t I do it. Well, I might. Call me if you are interested.

In the meantime, check out these alternatives that we have been watching together as a family. I guarantee you everyone will be happy! All are available from Netflix-my favorite movie rental company.

1. Anne of Green Gables
I do not know how I missed these books as a child, but I regret it. This movie series is wonderful. Every movie in the trilogy is wonderful and my girls loved it.

2. A Little Princess
This 1995 version of the children’s classic is colorful and exciting. I read this book as a child and loved it, but this movie version goes further than my 9 year old imagination.

3. The Secret Garden
The 1993 version is my favorite. It might even inspire you to create a garden with your children.

4. Little Women
Susan Sarandon as Marmie-wonderful.

5. The Princess Bride
This is one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. You haven’t seen this one? That’s inconceivable!

6. Ella Enchanted
This movie is proof that Hollywood film studios have made at least one movie in the last five ¬†years that is smart, girl-as-her-own-hero, funny and entertaining. But I don’t know of any others, do you?

7. My Neighbor Totoro
This Japanese anime’ movie was a big hit at our neighborhood al fresco viewing last spring. Our neighbors hang a sail in the trees and project a movie onto it. We all bring popcorn, candy and blankets. I highly recommend this as a party idea. Even the boys liked it. In the fall, you could have hot cider, popcorn balls and s’mores. Invite me over!

6 Responses to “7 Appropriate Tween Movies”

  1. Woody Bombay Says:

    As you know, the delightful Norah is five weeks old now. I have some DVDs I’ve collected over the years and I hope they’ll be good for family viewing as well:

    - Reservoir Dogs
    - Pulp Fiction
    - Saving Private Ryan
    - Glengarry Glenn Ross
    - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    - The Wall (Pink Floyd)
    - Deadwood
    - Battles Without Honor or Humanity: The Yakuza Papers (Japanese gangster movies)

    Are these going to be OK?

  2. Jane Says:

    Dearest Woody,

    Yes, Norah will love watching those with you until she is about 2 and then you will wonder why she is using her little wooden hammer as a gun that she will then hold to your temple. Not so funny then! I do have a list of movies that I am anxiously awaiting the time when I can watch them with the girls. My next post will be “Tips for New Fathers!” You’re going to love it!

    Thank you for reading!


  3. Sister Sue Says:

    Hey Woody,

    Welcome to the hood, parenthood that is! You are gonna love it. Beware your heart will break wide open and a bright shiny light will pour out. Everyday is magical.

  4. Woody Bombay Says:

    Thanks much, Sue.

    Pictures? Did someone ask to see pictures?

    Why, sure!


  5. erin Says:

    She is a beauty!!! Enjoy they grow up sooooo fast.

    Jane you forgot Tuck Everlasting. You might try My Fair Lady, the girls will love the outfits.

  6. Jane Says:

    oooh, Tuck Everlasting! That is a good one! I ‘ll add that one for next time!



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