7 National Parks to Visit

September 28th, 2009 by Jane

Did you see the new Ken Burns documentary, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, on PBS last night? The brilliant Burns brings his passionate lens to our national parks systems. As with his previous films, there is much to learn about the subject he explores. But the gorgeous cinematography makes this film rise into the realm of spectacular. And spectacular is just what Burns wants you to think when you watch. After your first viewing of his documentary, you could  mute the sound and use this as a stress-relief video. Really.

When I was a child, our family vacations were spent at state parks. These were fun trips, but I have never been to any of the national parks in this film.  They are now on my to-do list. Especially with my children.

Take a look and fall in love with the natural beauty of our nation.

1. Yellowstone

Yosemite is the first national park in the world.

2. Yosemite
I did not know this park was so immense.

3. Mesa Verde
Cliff dwellings that look like elaborate sand castles.

4. Grand Canyon
Until I can get there, I think I will watch the movie again. It is one of my favorites.

5. Acadia
I did not even know about this park. How dumb am I? Don’t answer that.

6. Great Smoky Mountains
Someone I used to know loved the Smoky Mountains. She said that they are old, feminine mountains.

7. Kenai Fjords
Fjords! In America! Don’t you love to say “fjords?”

5 Responses to “7 National Parks to Visit”

  1. Sister Sue Says:

    We have been recording these, can’t wait to watch.

  2. Woody Bombay Says:

    I love Ken Burns – we own DVDs of his Civil War and Baseball series – but this one is dragging on a little too slow for my tastes. We’re recording it all, but it’s not blowing me away. You are right about the cinematography, though.

    Another great ’stress-relief video’ is the “Planet Earth” series by the BBC. (Except for the scenes of animals eating each other, of course.) The camera work will blow you away. They even managed to get close-up footage of a mother panda and her cub, in their cave. Fascinating.

  3. Jane Says:

    I LOVED that series. I still think about the birds of paradise jumping around and fluffing their tail feathers. And I highly recommend the documentary Ken Burns did on the women’s movement.

  4. Ginger Says:

    A friend pointed me to your website and I think it is really interesting. I have to correct an error in the story “7 National Parks to Visit.”

    Yosemite was not the first national park – that national park was created by congress in 1890. The first national park was Yellowstone, created by congress in 1872. I’ve been to many of our National Parks and Monuments and recommend them to everyone ~ either with your family, friends, or alone ~ they are part of our country that are worth the time and money to visit!

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future!

  5. Jane Says:

    Thank you, Ginger! I flipped the names of the parks in my typing-good eye!

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