7 Summer Highlights

September 20th, 2010 by Jane

Today is the last day of summer. Officially. Although, here in Central Texas it still feels like summer. Sure, there is a slight drop in the morning temperatures, but by midday it’s summer again.

My family and I are mostly back in the swing of school things and summer vacation is a memory growing more distant. Here are a few of our highlights. How about you?

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1) Hair
The above photo is of one of my daughter’s heads-I love the golden, red and blonde highlights she gets after spending the summer outside. They each have red and gold in their hair-I hope they keep it when they are adults!

2) Galveston
My husband’s family has a beach house on Galveston Island and this is the first year that we spent some time down at the house without any relatives. Much as we love ‘em, it was a great getaway. We explored The Strand, The Elissa, rode the ferry to look for dolphins and had a great time.

3) Slower Pace
The best thing about summer break is that our family time increases, but at a slower pace. We stayed up late playing games, watching movies, hanging out with neighbors and generally goofing off.

4) Speaking of Movies…
You may recall that last summer became known as the Summer of Jane Austen because my girls and I watched every film or TV version of her books that we could borrow or rent. Inspired by our stay on Galveston Island, this was the summer of Jack Sparrow. We spent the summer watching all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies until we were quoting our favorite lines.  My husband’s favorite: “But you have heard of me!”  Mine: “Hoist the colors!” It’s now my call to arms for the family. Check out Elizabeth Swan’s badass costume. I’d walk around everyday dressed like that if I had an such an outfit! Really-I would.

5) Friends and Family
We spent time with both sides of our extended family as well as some friends that feel like family. Shout outs to the whole Fam Damily, Uncles Malcolm and Gray, The Fabulous Padget Family and the Irrepressible ‘Tine. We had joy, we had fun!

6) San Antonio
My husband had a conference in San Antonio and for the first time we all tagged along on a business trip with him. The girls were wonderful and we had a great time in  the lovely river city. We remembered the Alamo and we rocked the Riverwalk! We enjoyed the shopping, the food, the Tower of the Americas and cable TV in our hotel room! It felt like we were somewhere else besides Texas-really!

7) Seasonal Goodies
I love summer, especially the foods associated with the season: fresh fruit, ice cream, cold drinks (alcoholic and not) and cold salads. The Summer Drink this year was the mojito. Great for a party, but I made some just for myself: a party for one!  Gotta love it.

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  1. Sister Sue Says:

    We loved, loved, loved hosting you in DFW this summer. I was just thinking about our lunch by the pool. We can’t wait to see you all this weekend….I’ll bring some pictures form our weekend of merriment in July

  2. 'Tine Says:

    I loved being with you guys this summer. Can’t wait to see ya’ll this summer!! XOXO

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