Thoughts on Perfection…

September 28th, 2010 by Jane

Brenè Brown is staging a prostest. Now, I don’t know Brenè personally, but I’ve seen her speak, read her books, I’m devoted to her blog, and would sign up if she’s ever in the market for a new BFF! So, when she decides to start a movement-I’m all in.

She is protesting perfection. If you are compelled to make sure every detail in your life looks like a magazine spread, to not let the cracks show, to “never let ‘em see you sweat,” then this movement is for you. Not interested, you say? Well, most of us aren’t and we have a pretty good reason for hanging on to our sense of perfection. Brenè believes that we use it as a shield to cover up, disconnect and ultimately hide our vulnerabilities, effectively masking our authentic selves.

Her work as a researcher at the University of Houston is centered on shame-something most people don’t want to think about. She has figured out a few things in her years of study that can help all of us. Such as, it takes courage to be your authentic self. Shame cannot survive empathy. And, empathy and compassion toward yourself can be the most courageous, liberating thing you do. And everyone, yes, everyone craves connection.

Perfection is a stumbling block to connection, creativity, authenticity, compassion and love. Because if you can’t love your perfectly imperfect self, how can you love another imperfectly perfect, goofy soul?

My favorite line from the summer movie Inception, occurs when Leonardo di Caprio’s character tells his wife that he could never have dreamed “the complexity of you with all of your perfections and imperfections.”

Can we look at our beloveds as complex and perfectly imperfect? Can we look at  ourselves that way? Join the movement.

6 Responses to “Thoughts on Perfection…”

  1. Sister Sue Says:

    Great post, Sister. Good hair day. :)

  2. Jane Says:

    I know, right? ;)
    Thank you!

  3. Woody Bombay Says:

    I’m so confused — are there seven thoughts on perfection here? Nothing is numbered. There are no numbers! How am I supposed to process this?

  4. Jane Says:

    We’ll be moving away from numbers a little bit. Stay tuned!

  5. carrie Says:

    you’re right, perfection is definitely a stumbling block!

    You don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I blog hopped over from the ordinary courage.

  6. Jane Says:

    Thanks for hopping on over, Carrie!

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