New Neighbors…

October 29th, 2010 by Jane

Halloween is huge in our town. Really. Everyone decorates their houses, the elementary schools hold costume parades and the folks that live on the main drag through town will see 800 trick or treaters on All Hallow’s Eve. Yes, 800. These lovely people spend about $250 on candy each year, just to make little kids, and big ones, happy.

Some years there have been life-sized UFOs on lawns, smoking cauldrons with bloody bones scattering the sidewalks and haunted houses set up  in the garages. This year, there are a lot of spiders covering houses and some blow up yard displays.

We live a few blocks from this Halloween hoopla, so we don’t get quite as many treaters. We like to think that we give out better candy! There are 20 kids on my block and we all meet in the street and troll over to our friends on Halloween Highway for some frightfully good fun. Although, it’s not quite as exciting now that Daylight Savings Time comes after Halloween. The extra daylight has diffused the element of danger caused by walking in the dark, in uncomfortable costumes over broken sidewalks. It’s not quite the same without the sounds of candy spilling from plastic pumpkins and children crying.

This year, we have lovely new neighbors across the street from us, Melissa and Lorinc. They are a young couple, without children and are totally psyched about Halloween in their new neighborhood. They have bought candy and arranged it in a cute bucket for the children.

They are flying in (from here, after seeing him) on Halloween night and won’t be around when the tricking starts. They very sweetly asked if we would distribute the candy among the kids on the block and then put the bucket on the porch with a note that reads “Please take one.”

We must look much more trustworthy than we are…

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  1. Sister Sue Says:

    Loved the candy spilling & children crying visual….it’s not really Halloween until someone has a meltdown, and I don’t mean Hersheys!

  2. Katie Says:

    I love, love, love Halloween on the Main drag. My own kids no longer hand out goodies with us, but feel the need to explore other neighborhoods with their friends. I must admit that they tend to return home somewhat disappointed by how other parts of town “do” Halloween. The whole golf cart deal seems to leave something out of the equation. They miss visiting with other neighbors and seeing all the wee ones in their costumes. And we do give pretty good candy to those “in the know”. Then there’s the “Tooth Fairy” that they all missed this year….

  3. Lisa Says:


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